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Temora Radio Stations Review

Temora, a town located in New South Wales, Australia, enjoys a variety of local community and commercial radio stations. Here is an overview of all the radio stations that are receivable in Temora:

Station Name Band Frequency
ABC Riverina AM 1044
Triple J FM 103.3
2MIA FM 95.1 FM 95.1
TEM FM 94.9 FM 94.9
Hit 93.1 Riverina FM 93.1
2Hay FM FM 92.1
Hot Country Radio FM 88.0

ABC Riverina broadcasts news and information on their AM band at 1044kHz. Triple J, on the other hand, is a youth-oriented radio station that plays the latest music from Australia and around the world at 103.3MHz.

2MIA FM, TEM FM, Hit 93.1 Riverina, and 2Hay FM offer a mix of music, news, and sports programming catering to different age groups and interests.

Hot Country Radio, a local station that broadcasts at 88.0MHz, plays country music 24/7.

Overall, Temora residents have a diverse range of radio options to choose from and can find a station that suits their preference in music and programming.

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